The Customer is Always ...

The Customer Is Always... - Stuart Keane

I understand there's a bit of controversy surrounding this author and some of the reviews of his works. Reading The Customer Is Always... I acknowledged this to myself, then put it straight out of mind, and concentrated on the writing in front of me.

It started well. I especially liked Keane's grasp of dialogue, which felt authentic, as if actually people were actually talking. His descriptions of what the characters were doing and reacting to, however, was overly repetitive. There were places where he would say one thing in a sentence and then repeat it in the next, making much of that second sentence redundant. (Much like this latter sentence.)

The idea is quite a good one, though. Customer service employee is unlucky enough to pick up the call from a psycho with a bone to pick with his company. Unfortunately, the further the story progressed, the more bog-standard it became. The twists were telegraphed, the suspense faltered, and ultimately, whole sections also became unnecessary. For example, there was a scene where the customer service operator heard a gun shot. We knew what that meant as it had been established repeatedly what a gun shot would connote. Yet then Keane goes back to spend a part of another chapter detailing that very outcome for us.

All in all, this was just an ok read that failed to maintain my initial considerable interest.

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