Crossed Volume 6

Crossed Volume 6: Badlands - Garth Ennis, Simon Spurrier, David Lapham, Raúlo Cáceres, Miguel Ruiz

I cannot conceive of any reason why a graphic novel fan would pick the sixth volume of the CROSSED series up without having read the previous volumes - or at least sampled the initial Ennis created collection. As such, everyone who reads this knows exactly what they are in for - namely, depraved and deplorable acts of sadistic violence, mayhem and murder by the bucket load, and panel after panel of gore-saturated depravity.

The third in the BADLANDS series, Crossed: Volume 6 tells three new stories of people attempting to survive in the post-Crossed world. The first, by Simon Spurrier is an overly wordy, lacklustre story of doomed love; the second by regular series contributor David Lapham, brings back an all too rare surviving character and probably best balances character development with the requisite violence and nastiness; and the last by series creator Garth Ennis starts brilliantly but ultimately gets bogged down in boring religious debates between two of the main characters.

The artwork across all three stories is quality, however, with Raúlo Cáceres and Miguel Ruiz delivering the goods on almost every page.

At this point, I'm just about be done with this series. The lack of any spark of hope for any character we follow has finally begun to drain my enthusiasm. And there really is only so many holes the Crossed can utilise to gory effect before I yawn and flick the page without registering anything beyond mild appreciation for the artist's choice of perspective.

4 stars for the artwork and 2 for the stories equal out to ...

3 Overly Verbose Pontifications on the Evil Inherent Within Religion for Crossed: Volume 6.