Morning Glories Volume 8: Assembly

Morning Glories Volume 8 TP - Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma

Interesting visual style aside, I've now reached the point where I can no longer justify the time spent reading this series. To be honest, I likely wouldn't have even bothered with this one had I not picked up all eight issues leading up to #42 at the same time. But I did, and so I felt compelled, and afterwards I felt annoyed and disappointed, mainly with myself.

Perhaps - perhaps - it might be worth returning to this world once the last edition has been published and a patient reader can sit and go through them all over the course of a frenzied few days. Maybe then things will make an iota of sense.

So at least until the day this series is completed, I'm out. Good luck to the rest of you who are staying on until the bitter end.

1 Massive Rage-Quit for Morning Glories, Volume 8: Assembly.