Cruelty: Episode Seven

Cruelty (Episode Seven) - Edward Lorn

The By-Now Standard Disclaimer: I follow Edward Lorn on Goodreads and Booklikes. He even follows me back on the latter. This does not affect the way I reviewed this or any other of his works. But if you believe otherwise, I respect your decision to discontinue reading now.

Okay, on with the good stuff. Cruelty: Episode Seven will always hold the distinct honour of being the last thing I read before moving houses and leaving behind a crap-ton of memories. It also has the slightly more dubious distinction of being the book/serialised chapter that got me in trouble with my girlfriend as I was reading it instead of helping to pack, such was my desire to race through and find out what happened. So I thank all that is bookworthy that I only had 50 pages to get through before I could return to what has been many days straight of moving-related pain, because otherwise I'm sure the girlfriend would have inflicted worse pain on me...

Anyway, that's all beside the point. If you've read this far, you need no further prompting to read Lorn's next chapter in this cooky, gory, and hypnotically crazy world of Cruelty. If you've chanced upon this page and are foolishly reading this review before starting Cruelty, stop right now or risk knowing one thing that has the barest hint of a spoiler attached to it ...

My greatest fear at this point is that there won't be enough characters left standing by Episode 10 for there to be an Episode 10. Which, in my books, is high praise indeed.

4 To Be Continued Stars for Cruelty: Episode Seven.