Apocryhpa by Brian Keene

Apocrypha - Brian Keene

I'm not even going to attempt to sell this one. You're either a huge fan of Brian Keene, like my good self, and you shelled out the dollars for this book and its partners, King of the Bastards and Hag, all of which comprise the 5th Maelstrom set from Thunderstorm Book ... Or you're not, and you'll be looking at this page in a cursory fashion to see what Brian Keen has released most recently.

Apocryhpa collects a wide array of writings that Keene has authored throughout his lifetime, from being a 10 year old egged on to create a radio play by his mates, all the way through to some of his film and novel pitches that, for one reason or another, were never seen through to the end. Keene's notes on what happened with these treatments, pitches and other fragments of novels he never got round to finishing provide an interesting insight into the life of an author who is managing to make ends meet, but not by as much as you might imagine.

Because the collected works are all over the place in chronology, style, and technical ability, most will find a few that do little for them, and for me that was his section on comics. Not being familiar with many (if any) of the characters he was pitching about meant I never really understood where Keene was coming from with any of these ideas. But that's okay, because the fragments of novels he has lost or not (yet) finished were all excellent. There were also a couple of truly hilarious sections, such as when Keene and his pal, the late J. F. Gonzalez, put their heads together to come up with a story idea that even the Syfy Channel couldn't bring themselves to make.

At the end of the day, I know this favourable review won't have changed anyone's mind, but if you're a Keene fan - especially if you're a big one - don't miss your chance to pick up one of the 250 copies of this floating around. For the record, mine is Number 61 (insert shit-eating grin here).

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