The Walking Dead: What We Become (Vol 10) review

The Walking Dead, Volume 10: Ciò che diventiamo - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn

Decent continuation of the series that spends time building some of the support characters - Abraham especially - at the expense of further action scenes. The first look at a large horde and the reintroduction of an old familiar face all worked well, but it was the apparent death of a long-time early in this volume and then the events that transpired in the last issue that really surprised (though the former issue was somewhat lame in how it was eventually handled).

In short, as reliable as the artwork yet again was, What We Become is far from the best that Kirkman has served up for The Walking Dead. I nevertheless remain fully vested in where he takes his story from this point - even if I never want to spoil the TV show by reading too far ahead.

3 Very Quick Descents into Madness for The Walking Dead: What We Become.