Bottom Feeders review

Bottom Feeders - Adam Cesare, Cameron Pierce

I don't know who can lay claim to coming up with the idea of a mountainous catfish praying on unwary folk and the crazy sect of people worshiping it down around New Orleans way, but whomever it is out of Adam Cesare and Cameron Pierce, should take a bow. This quick-to-read novella is over-the-top, wacky, and ridiculous fun. It also harbours a surprisingly nasty edge that becomes increasingly pronounced as the story builds toward its conclusion and characters are mercilessly culled.

Though I cared less for a weird development toward the story's end that feels unnecessarily tacked on, I have no hesitation in recommending Bottom Feeders to the discerning horror lover jonesing for their next monster-fix.

3.5 Calf-Hugging Catfish Boots for Bottom Feeders.