The Sixth Gun Vol 7 review

The Sixth Gun Volume 7: Not The Bullet, But The Fall TP - Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, Tyler Crook

Effectively comprising a massive battle between the good and evil sides with the six guns as the spoils for the victor, Volume 7 in Cullen Bunn's series is a fast-paced roller coaster ride from start to almost-finish as numerous characters fall, others make momentous decisions, and the true nature of certain character's powers are revealed. The final edition of the volume is dedicated to the backstory of the biggest antagonist the series has yet seen, Griselda the Grey Witch, providing some explanation as to why she is set upon her evil ends.

By now, regular readers will no doubt have adjusted to the cartoonish nature of the artwork. I guess I fall into that category, as on some pages Brian Hurtt's illustrations are stellar. However, on others, they seem overly simple (at least to my eye) and don't quite provide the sense of gravitas that some scenes demand.

Nevertheless, Not the Bullet, But the Fall is a quality volume that seems to have set the final end game for the series in motion. Here's hoping the climax is as good as this.

4 Ruthless Cullings for The Sixth Gun, Volume 7: Not the Bullet, But the Fall.