Off Book-topic! The Countdown: Movie and TV Reviews

I'm not usually one for spamming people's feeds, but this is a new project I've got up and running that I'm having a hell of a good time with. It's basically my best friend and I reviewing various bits of media and then dedicating some form of tangentially related countdown to the rest of the podcast. So if you're bored and have ever wondered what two Australians ranting about movies might sound like, check out or go straight to iTunes and search for "Countdown movies". We're the one with the yellow and purple coloured icon.


And if you have a listen and have any feedback/suggestions for other countdowns/or want to add your own list for us to read, feel free to post it here, hit us up on the FB page, tweet us @thecountdownpc or write to us at


Now returning you to your regularly scheduled reviews of various horror related works ...