The Walking Dead Vol 13: Too Far Gone review

The Walking Dead, Volume 13: Too Far Gone - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard

Another slow volume that stretched this reader's patience after Volume 12 already played that card. That said, Too Far Gone ends with a bang and sets things up for a chaotic, carnage laden Volume 14 ...

Which I'm going to have to wait about 12 months to read, as the final issue in this volume, Number 78, officially passes the point where Season 5 of the television show came to an end. And after giving it serious thought, I've decided I'd rather enjoy the television incarnation unspoiled, simply because (brace yourself, here comes sacrilege), I'm enjoying it more than the source material.

To me, the AMC show feels like a second draft of the comic. Most of the changes they've made - especially of late - have been for the better. It's also far more exciting watching the carnage unfold in 24 frames per second, versus one snapshot per panel.

Right, now that's off my chest, back to the brief review. So this is a slow volume with the usual decent artwork from Adlard that builds to an exciting crescendo, effectively promising more than it actually delivers.

3 Whispered "Do It"s for The Walking Dead: Too Far Gone.