The Extinction Parade: Bore, err, War review

Max Brooks Extinction Parade Volume 2 TP: War (The Extinction Parade) - Max Brooks

What should have been an entertaining depiction of vampires going to war with zombies with humans caught in the middle, becomes an exceedingly tedious comment on the nature of war by way of vampires "learning" to fight in an ongoing war, and in so doing, unknowingly emulating the development of human conflict.

I was going to write it's hard to believe this came from the author of World War Z, but it actually is entirely feasible. Only imagine he opted to jettison all the entertaining aspects of that narrative, added vampires, and then further emphasised the political commentary.

Even the artwork doesn't save this one, as Raulo Caceres is not someone whose work I overly appreciate.

In short, that's it for me with regard to this series.

1.5 Disappointing Head Dances for The Extinction Parade: War.