Andrew Mayhem Stikes Back!

Single White Psychopath Seeks Same [Andrew Mayhem Thriller #2] - Jeff Strand

This books feels a lot like Die Hard 2 insofar as I kept thinking to myself: How does the same (type of) thing happen to the same guy twice?

Single White Psychopath Seeks Same is a fairly silly book that you have to make the decision to just go along with early in the piece, because it's not meant to be taken seriously and any attempt to do so will only frustrate. But if you're the kind of reader who can get behind an everyday, "normal" individual with a strong wit getting himself and his best friend caught up in the clandestine dealings of a group of serial killers who have their own secret lair of torture and death, then this is the sequel for you!

For mine, things got a little too light-hearted given all that was going on. I kept wondering, for example, how Andrew and Roger were able to continue trading jokes and insults in the midst of almost certain death, and then I had to keep (mentally) smacking myself upside the head to remind myself that Strand was not looking to do anything but entertain, and this involved making jokes when no sane person would be able to string two words together ...

Anyway, at least Strand addressed the major issue I had with the first book in the series - making Andrew Mayhem's kids a convenient plot device whilst demonstrating how crap of a father he was - by effectively removing his kids from the narrative.

All in all, this one is a serviceable sequel to a decent opening book in the Andrew Mayhem series, but I still think Strand's later works are significantly better.

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