Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) review

Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) - Jeff Strand

The third book in the aptly titled Andrew MAYHEM (capitals added for emphasis) series sees Andrew taking an almost-earned holiday with his family, best bud and his new girlfriend though the backwoods area of the Unites States. Now, I don't live in the US, and I'm certainly not the smartest guy in the world, but I've now read enough novels and seen enough films to have convinced me that a visit to the Gaza Strip is safer than visiting anywhere with more trees than people across the entire North America continent.

Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) does nothing to dissuade me of said conviction.

Of course, Mayehm and co meet some unsavoury types. And of course those unsavoury types have nasty and death-filled plans for them. What I did not see coming was what those plans would specifically entail, and how integral to the plot both Mrs Mayhem and the Mayhem kids would become.

I criticised the first book for using the kids as convenient plot device, but they're definitely not that here. I was a bit down on the second book because it seemed ridiculous that people could trade witty banter whilst almost being killed every second minute (at least outside of any buddy cop action film), but Strand must have worn me down because the same type of thing failed to irk me here.

So, in my usual slightly long-winded way, what I'm trying to say is: I liked Casket For Sale (Only Used Once) just fine. In fact, I liked it the most of the series thus far. It's end may have been a little too convenient - and seems destined to cause more mayhem for Mayehm - but otherwise any fan of Strand won't go wrong with this one.

Onto the next (and so far) last sequel ...

3.5 Extremely Well-Funded Baddies for Casket For Sale (Only Used Once).