The Rising: Deliverance review

The Rising: Deliverance - Brian Keene

The Reverend Thomas Martin was never my favourite character from Keene's RISING series of novels, so I guess it's no surprise that this 50 page novella told exclusively from his POV and detailing his backstory in the lead-up to his fateful meeting with Jim Thurmond, did not do overly much for me. He was simply too singularly focused on his relationship with God (despite his vocation as a Reverend) to resonate with me, and I found it difficult to connect with his rationale for much of his decision-making. As such, the completionist in me is pleased to have read this, but the Keene-fan I remain is disappointed.

And since I'd already read one of the two short stories - THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE - included within this Deadite Press release (and did not like it), I thought I was going to have to do the unthinkable and give The Rising: Deliverance 2 stars. But then along came THE SIQQUISM WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS and within its pages, Tony Genova and Vince Napoli, and briefly, all again was right with the world...

2.5 Hopelessly Unanswered Prayers for The Rising: Deliverance.