Marrow's (Not the) Pit(s) review

Marrow's Pit - Keith Deininger

Now here's something you don't read everyday. A horror story masquerading as a dark dystopian fantasy with enough steampunk elements to almost qualify as sci-fi.

In Marrow's Pit Keith Deininger effortlessly describes a future society that is vastly different from our own - revolving as it does around a massive machine which provides food, shelter and clothing for its inhabitants, all of whom in turn work on the machine to keep its various parts running. And all of this occurs within 75 or so pages, while Deininger's battered and beleaguered protagonist does his best to cover-up a hideous crime he commits (albeit by pseudo-accident).

Though it seems the novella is building to a revelation about the society, nothing is more than hinted at while protagonist Ballard's story is drawn to a close in a manner I was not expecting - even if it was not necessarily satisfying.

But the best aspect to Marrow's Pit is Deininger's masterful prose, which flows off the page like warm maple syrup onto early-morning pancakes.

Recommended to those seeking something different that can be devoured in one sitting.

3.5 Brows Beaten for Marrow's Pit.