The Sworn Sword review

The Sworn Sword - George R.R. Martin

Extraordinarily disappointing, this second tale of Dunk and Egg feels like an excuse for Martin to pad out the rich history of the world he has created, because it adds virtually nothing of interest to the story of his two protagonists started with The Hedge Knight.

Maybe my reading of this was coloured by how long it has been since I last visited the literary version of Westeros. But since I'm not allowed to complain about that, lest Neil Gaiman remind me the football-mad, aging, perfectionistic author is not my bitch, or GRRM himself scold me for wondering if he might go the way of Robert Jordan, I'm just going to settle on this one being a huge steaming pile of meh.

Recommended for massive fans of the Song of Ice and Fire series only.

2 Clouts About the Ear for The Sworn Sword.