Darkfuse #2 review

DarkFuse #2 (DarkFuse Anthology Series) - Group of Authors

A solid collection of stories without a great amongst them, the best of DarkFuse #2 is not surprisingly Tim Curran's take on body horror in THE ELDRITCH EYE. That said, I also liked F Charles Murdock's IMAGO, even if some of the evident symbolism within this tale of full-blown psychosis was lost on me. NETHER GOOLE by Richard Farren Barber seems to have gotten a great deal of love in other reviews, but for mine it was just a standard story of the supernatural; while SPLOTCH OF READ by Samuel Marzioli had a wonderful build up, only to end more suddenly than a fly hitting a windscreen at 100kmph. Michael A Pignatell's THE BETTING MAN was probably the most complete and fulfilling tale of the bunch (though it lacked the horror of Curran's contribution), whereas by contrast PINK DENIM by Brady Golden felt the least satisfying as it left too much open to interpretation.

All in all, DarkFuse #2 represents a decent way to spend an hour or two.

3 Eyes That See More Than They Should for DarkFuse #2.

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