Marrow's Legacy review

Marrow's Legacy (The Godgame Book 0) - Keith Deininger

This extended prologue to Keith Deininger's Godgame series does exactly what it is meant to do: Draw you in as a reader by starting to provide details of a fascinating world, and then leaving you high and dry and wanting more. Nothing is resolved or drawn to a satisfying close, so if you are anything like me, you'll be frowning with half-annoyance as you log into your Amazon account to buy the first full book in the series. In other words, well played Mr Deininger.

Of course, this is not the first book set in the world of Meridian. Before this there have also been Marrow's Pit and Shadow Animals. Both are good, but only the former directly relates to the Machine found in Marrow's Legacy. Check them out for larger tastes of what Deininger can do.

So while this may be too incomplete to be considered an excellent read, it is most definitely an appetite-whetting one.

3.5 Ominous Cracks for Marrow's Legacy.