My Podcast Finally Incorporates Books into a Countdown!

So I figured this was an appropriate Podcast episode to link to as we both talk about our favourite film adaptations of books. Check out the description below and have a listen if you're at all inclined. Just be warned there is bad language (in case that kind of thing offends you), and like any (decent) author/creator, I'm very open to any constructive feedback.


Down a promised guest host, the boys this week turn their attention to their favourite films adapted from books. Paul takes this to mean books of the novel kind (ie. those without pictures), while Wayne defends the number of comics *cough* graphic novels that make his list.


There's also some movie news, as well as Paul contending with O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) for his Unbelievable challenge, and it all takes place amid the usual tomfoolery and jack-assery.


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If you like the sound of a film but don't want to skip around the episode trying to find its name again, check out Paul's list at…/li…/top-10-book-to-film-adaptations/ while Wayne's list can be found here:…/…/top-ten-book-to-movie-adaptations/

Patrick is giddy about making the list


Thanks and now back to your regularly scheduled book reviews!