Ghost Story review

Ghost Story - Jeff Brackett

A supernatural horror from an author who acknowledges he does not usually write in the genre does not a good read sound. But Jeff Brackett displays considerable writing chops in his tale of six paranormal investigators who run afoul of something in a reputedly haunted building. He does just enough to establish these characters and then almost immediately has them battling for their lives in a short, sharp read that does not waste a single sentence.

Ghost Story would likely have been a four star read, but for the fact that it took a note from the author at the end of the story for me to fully understand what the nature of the threat was (which I won't specify here in case others are better read than I).

Here's hoping Brackett returns to the genre and dabbles a little more as there is considerable promise here.

3 Broken Pieces of Paranormal Investigating Equipment for Ghost Story.