Sow-sow review

Sow - Tim Curran
Read from November 12 to 15, 2015


It may not be the most memorable Tim Curran novella; in fact, it may not even be in the best five of his books I've read. But Sow is a dense, descriptive ride into the darkness of a different kind of possession.

Sow goes where you think a Tim Curran book will go, and offers little in the way of surprises, but there are some very intense scenes where Curran effectively conveys the helpless horror of his protagonist.

And as always, Curran's eloquent, evocative prose is on display, with some wonderfully written moments - even if he does occasionally slip into unnecessary detail, and this slows the pace of what should be a fast pulse-pounding read down to a stuttering staccato.

Recommended to fans of Curran or body horror.

3.5 Squeals of an Animal Kind for Sow.