Death Do Us Part review

Death Do Us Part - JG Faherty

At a brisk 82 pages (which includes a sample from another of the author's works), Death Do Us Part wastes no time in establishing Catherine as a nasty piece of work, before she is summarily dispatched by someone known to her, but kept hidden from the reader. She then manages to come back as a spirit to terrorise her husbamd, Art, their child, and the woman he had been cheating with, aka Catherine's sister.

The rest of the novella revolves around Art truing to get rid of Catherine before she manages to kill one of them. Pretty much every plot beat you would expect gets hit along the way, so there are very few surprises to be had in Death Do Us Part. In fact, the final twist was one that seemed overly telegraphed to me, even if it opens the way for a relatively satisfying conclusion.

Those who favour the old Tales from The Crypt comics and TV episodes will probably find enough to entertain, but if the angry dead coming back to terrorise their seemingly innocent relatives does little for you as a concept, there's not much here to recommend this one from other versions of the same. In fact, Catherine is never sufficiently frightening that I ever felt overly concerned for the safety of Art and co. All that said, the writing is decent and as mentioned, the pacing is fast.

As such, I'll be back to give Faherty another try in the not too distant future.

3 Marriage Vows Left Unfulfilled for Death Do Us Part.

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