Consumption review

Consumption - Michael Patrick Hicks

An interesting novelette from a first time author for me that is richly detailed and intriguing in premise, Consumption seats the reader at the head of the table to watch on in growing horror as a set of diners at an exclusive meal are adversely affected by the mystery dishes which are being set before them.

Hicks has a real way with words, wielding them with the precision of a master chef carving into his signature dish with the sharpest of skillet knives. His inventiveness is also on full display in this short read which most definitely does not outstay its welcome.

However I found the six diners to be largely interchangeable until there was only a couple left, and as such, I had difficulty discerning one from another - especially once things began to spiral out of control. This likely would have been less of an issue had life not intervened and prevented me from reading this straight through in one setting.

Recommended to those with reasonable strong stomachs.

3.5 Smoky Textures Overlaid with a Hint of Death for Consumption