Sour Candy review

Sour Candy - Kealan Patrick Burke

Kealan Patrick Burke is an author I've heard a great deal about over the two and a half years I've been reviewing horror. I'd picked up a few of his novellas over that time period, always with the intention of getting to them at some stage in the near future. Then it's the old tale of a rapidly expanding TBR pile, reading time not being what it once was, and good intentions being swept away by something newer that comes along and catches one's eye.

So it is with no small amount of shame that I profess, after reading Burke's latest, Sour Candy, I will be righting that wrong ever so quickly.

Dealing with an everyday man in an everyday situation who finds his world turned upside down when he accepts a morsel of sour candy from a not-so-everyday kid, Sour Candy is the cliched page-turner made real. It is fast-paced, gripping, more than a little disturbing, and wonderfully written. Every scene was necessary; every character served an important function; and when the horror is unleashed, it is truly eye-widening in its intensity.

My one and only small gripe is an aspect of the epilogue which did not quite work for me, but otherwise Sour Candy is a masterpiece of tense, psychological horror.

4.5 (Rounding Up to 5) Mind Your Own Businesses for Sour Candy.