They Rise review

They Rise: A Deep Sea Thriller - Hunter Shea

Weird fish from the depths with a poisonious stinger that will mash you to pulp with their non-teeth laden jaws? Such is the threat in Hunter Shea's latest They Rise.

Most reviewers seem to have really enjoyed this pulpish thriller about a marine biologist and his ex-wife banding together with an asortment of other side characters to identify, run from and then exterminate these chimaera fish. But for mine it was a very standard entry into the "threats from the deep" sub-genre, with nothing to make it stand out from the pack, nor anything to damn it for being terrible.

The main two characters have a cliched ex-spouses rekindling their connection thing going on, most of the side characters are drawn well enough only to be chimaera-bait (with the exception of Nestor who I did like), and the thrilling elements are very stock standard before it virtually becomes an action novel - complete with leaping massive fish being destroyed en masse by fire, guns and other toxic substances.

Meh. I don't get the fuss. But that's okay. Each to their own. And Shea has written some other works I really did like. This one just wasn't for me.

2.5 Clouds of Red Mist Where a Big Fish Used To Be for They Rise.