Benjamin's Parasite review

Benjamin's Parasite - Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand is one of the more dependable authors working in and around the horror/thriller genres today.

When you pick up a Strand book, you can be pretty sure - Kumquat excepted - that you know what you're going to get. Smart-assed main characters who are never short of a quip, deplorable antagonists who have will get what's coming to them, fast-paced action, and faster-paced dialogue.

Benjamin's Parasite is certainly no exception to these Strand-isms. But as much as I enjoy Strand's style, with this one, I couldn't help but wonder if, every once in a while, I might prefer something a little different, a tad unexpected.

Because I was never in one iota of doubt as to how Benjamin's Parasite was going to end. And this made for a sense of slight disappointment as I swiped through the story's epilogue.

Don't get me wrong, I'll definitely be back for more from Strand. It's just that in between each serve of hearty Strand steak, I might need to try something more exotic and different. Something like say, okonomiyaki. Mmmm ...

Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

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