Dead Ascent review

Dead Ascent (The Zombie Apocalypse Book 1) - Jason L. McPherson

A very straight forward zombie novella that for the most part is reasonably well written, but which offers exactly nothing new or of note to seasoned consumers of the sub-genre. Dead Ascent does have, however, the good grace to be short and to the point, which means a swift pace is maintained through the book. The writing is also technically sound, and there was a pleasing lack of copy editing errors throughout Dead Ascent.

Now if only McPherson did not switch between POVs within single sections, wrote less clichéd female characters, and did not fall back on using the word "abominations" to describe the zombies three times a page, then this would have been a recommendation. As it stands, there are many better zombie reads out there.

2.5 Abominable Abominations Ambulating on Animated Appendages for Dead Ascent.