The Walking Dead Vol 14 review

The Walking Dead, Vol. 14: No Way Out - Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman

Reading these after I've experienced the TV show's version of the same is an interesting experience. On the one hand, I know exactly what's coming plot-wise. On the other, I get to be genuinely surprised when Kirkman makes a decision within the comic's pages to kill someone very different off from what the show-runners of the TV series would decide years later. This both helps and hinders my appreciation of the source material.

Regardless of that, this 14th Volume in the world of The Walking Dead is pretty damn great. Big events, big deaths, new relationships, and even an epiphany or two for Rick. Quality stuff, and all of it illustrated with a sure hand, where, for the most part, characters are easily discernible. As is the carnage visited upon them when the Walkers get within biting range.

4 Painful Losses for The Walking Dead: No Way Out.