The Walking Dead Vol 15 review

The Walking Dead, Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves - Robert Kirkman

The necessary lull after the storm, with the next storm gathering on the horizon, Volume 15 of Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn's ongoing zombie apocalyptic series is not overly thrilling. But it does not need to be. Instead, it is tasked with developing these characters so when they next run into major trouble, there's a legitimate concern for their well-being; that the reader believes any one of them (well, almost) could die at any turn of the page. And that is accomplished here just fine.

That said, I was never caught up in a mad frenzy to burn through the pages of this one, like I have been with previous volumes, so that makes it fairly easy to score this one as middle of the road for a Walking Dead volume - even if said volume is better than most other graphic novels doing the rounds at this time.

3 Burgeoning Romances for The Walking Dead: We Find Ourselves.