The Walking Dead Vol 16 review

The Walking Dead, Vol. 16 - Robert Kirkman

And so my annual read of The Walking Dead - in which I read through everything that happened in the most recent season of the TV series - comes to an end.

There's little to say about this volume, other than it sets up what promises to be a very large and serious arc in the next volume. Jesus makes his appearance (no, not that one), and Rick and co are put on their collision course with the infamous Negan. Rick also has a bunch of epiphanies, and starts to consider how maybe they can make a life in this post-apocalyptic world, and Andrea makes her play for a certain major character, but otherwise it's all fairly by-the-numbers Walking Dead...

Truth be told, I read the first four issues from the next volume, as that literally took me right up to where Season 6 of the TV series ended. And it is, as predicted, so much more action-packed and engaging than this Volume.

Talk to you all next year - unless the zombie apocalypse happens first!

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