Predator - Incursion review

Predator - Incursion: The Rage War 1 - Tim Lebbon

The first book in the The Rage War trilogy flings the reader far into the future from the events depicted in all the Predator and Aliens films, as well as those that happened in the recent Aliens trilogy from Titan books. As such there is no Ripley or anyone else who survived those books in this lead off novel from Tim Lebbon. Instead we get a whole developed universe in which humans have expanded far across the galaxy and occasionally have run-ins with the Yautja and even more irregularly come across the Xenomorphs. But when human bases, space stations and facilities start being sabotaged from within, and the Yautja concurrently seem interested in invading human space, it is only a matter of time before whatever is causing both of these occurrences is revealed and human civilisation will become the target of a greater threat ...

So there's the set-up and as far as a Sci-Fi-Action hybrid based on two widely known monster franchises go, it's not at all bad. The devil, however, is in the details and as technically good as Lebbon's writing is, he's forced to juggle too many plot lines to the point that none of them overly resonated with me. Which is to say, no-one character is close to as compelling as an Ellen Ripley, or even a Cpl Dwayne T Hicks. And as such, I was never really swept away by what I was reading, or filled with that burning desire to read just one more page before putting the book down.

Don't get me wrong. There's definitely enough here to see how The Rage War progresses and I will continue to pick up everything Lebbon writes with an adult audience in mind. But I do hope the next two books in the series can elevate these surviving characters into something more memorable that I can really get behind.

3 Well-Placed Bombs for Predator - Incursion.