Razorbacks review

RAZORBACKS - George S. Mahaffey Jr.

Razorbacks is a decent "nature-gone-wild" tale of a bunch of people caught in a sand-storm in the wrong part of Texas - specifically the part of Texas where wild pigs grow to be 800 pounds, travel in packs, and have developed a taste for human flesh.

The positive elements of Mahaffey Jr's work is that it's short and relatively fast-paced. The attacks by the pigs are also sudden and nasty when they occur and numerous people are eaten alive as they are taken down. All of that works for me. Some high quality writing also shone through, with a few very nice turns of phrase and cleverly concocted sentences elevating the "creature-feature" nature of the plot.

But - and this is a big but - the characters were far from arresting. I can honestly say that aside from our main protagonist, a 13 year old boy who has led a very tough life, there is not a one of them I came to care about, and in most cases, even get a feel for. They were all just Razorback-fodder, and may as well have had the same tattooed upon their foreheads. Some novels should be novellas, but this was one novella that needed longer to breathe and for the characters to be filled in, so that when they died, my care factor might actually have been tweaked.

Then there is also the fact that Mahaffey Jr frequently jumps POVs with each paragraph change - something which is an absolute pet peeve of mine ...

So, all in all, I give this story about a bunch of people stuck in the middle of a road while hungry wild pigs encircle them, a very appropriate middle of the road score.

2.5 Roadblocks That Exist for a Reason for Razorbacks.