The Mystery Knight review

The Mystery Knight - George R.R. Martin

Decidedly better than the second novella in the series of Dunk and Egg, The Sworn Sword, this final outing for Martin's beloved characters from almost a hundred years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire is nevertheless marred by far too many interchangeable characters that only the most rabid of fans will be able to discern, and still takes an awfully long time to set everything up.

Yet the characters of Dunk and Egg carry this book on their more than capable shoulders, so much so that the events of The Mystery Knight largely fade into obscurity next to their entertaining interactions. And it is fantastic to see Dunk's growth as a character next as compared to who he was in The Hedge Knight.

All in all, this is a return to form for Martin and one that I would recommend to his fans - just be ready for long descriptions of knights and feasts and the activities that the former get up to during the latter.

3 Smashed Tourney Lances for The Mystery Knight.