Waiting Out Winter review

Waiting Out Winter - Kelli Owen

You know how some authors just click with you as a reader? That no matter what they publish, you can find the good elements within it - even if others are lambasting it from pillar to post?

Well, Kelli Owen is not that kind of author for me.

This is my second read from her, and I found this novella to have the same issues which I found lacking in The Neighborhood: namely, a sense of disconnect from the characters and what is befalling them. Owen glosses over so many things so quickly, I never feel like a part of proceedings, or as if I'm in the heads of the protagonists. So with Waiting for Winter I found myself never truly engaged - even though the story and what is taking place should be genuinely interesting. It's not the writing. Technically, her prose is well-constructed and flows smoothly. But it just does not engage me.

Which is a shame, because the apocalypse in this world is quite different while still being far closer to reality than the dead coming back to life, or aliens deciding they need some resource we have in abundance.

This one also ends on an extremely open note, so I'll likely be back for its sequel, because I need to work out exactly what it is I'm missing ...

2.5 Ominous Buzzing Sounds for Waiting for Winter.