The Creation: Axis Mundi review

The Creation: Axis Mundi (The Creation Series Book 1) - The Behrg

An intriguing - if slightly convoluted - opening book in what seems to be an apocalyptic series, Axis Mundi depicts two groups on opposite sides of the deforestation crisis in Venezuela and their inevitable clash amid supernatural goings on that bode ill for all of humanity.

The Behrg (funny name, serious writer) here melds an action-thriller with supernatural undertones and a topical issue to produce a novel which most definitely held my attention. Though it started out chaotically with every short chapter jumping to a new POV, I soon came to appreciate this way of setting out the book as it certainly made it easy to justify reading "just one more" chapter. The Behrg also throws the reader into the thick of things, and only slowly reveals the motivations of most of his characters, making for some confusing early moments that ultimately give way to a number of engaging reveals.

However (and yes there almost always is a "however"), some of The Behrg's characters just did not gel with me in terms of their inconsistencies and strange motivations. One behaves so completely out of character at one critical moment in the book that I could no longer take anything written from his perspective seriously.

But if you can accept some extreme changes in behaviour and poor decision making, there is much to enjoy about Axis Mundi, especially if topical thrillers are your thing. In essence, The Creation is a series I plan on continuing with, and I doubt it will be overly different for the majority of other readers.

3.5 Warnings Gone Unheeded for The Creation: Axis Mundi.