Unseemly review

Unseemly - Jason  Parent

In this day and age where time is so precious, I find myself becoming increasingly appreciative of authors who can put together a tale in a relatively sparse number of pages, but lose none of the suspense while doing away with much of the unnecessary detail longer novels tend to include. Unseemly is one such novella, and it is very well written to boot by an up and coming author who also seems to be a mighty fine human being - at least based on my online interactions with him.

Not that it's a perfect novella. Because it does take a few extra pages to find its feet, and I was not quite convinced that the protagonist of the piece would have made some of the decisions he did.

But regardless of this, I found Jason Parent's Unseemly to be an exceptionally good horror novella for one major reason. The pity is I cannot reveal it here without giving away a massive spoiler.

Well worth the time of any reader who enjoys dark, imaginative horror fiction, Unseemly is another fantastic tale from the clearly warped mind of Parent.

4 Gut Instincts Worth Following for Unseemly.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1654163146