Where Wolves Run review

Where Wolves Run: A Novella of Horror - Jason  Parent

Where Wolves Ruin is a more straight forward read from Jason Parent - an author I have come to associate with an amazing imagination - than might normaly be the case, but is nevertheless a well-written depiction of one family's battle against werewolves.

Parent alternates between the father and son's perspectives as they attempt to deal with this particularly hairy menace. And though said menace's deadly nature is set-up in the novella's opening chapters, I never felt a thrill of excitement when the werewolves came a-callin'. As such, this one fell a little flatter than I would have liked, though I will acknowledge I enjoyed how everything was ultimately resolved.

And though this may come across as nitpicking, I cannot let slide how annoying I found it that the chapter's from the father character's perspective kept referring to him as "Father" rather by his name.

Still, Parent is a talented author and even though this may not be his best work, he is always worth a read.

3 Sons Troubled by Their Fathers for Where Wolves Run.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1654163840