Bird Box review

Bird Box - Josh Malerman

Better late than never on this one ...


A perfect example of a 3.5 star read for me in that I was engaged in this different form of an apocalypse and enjoyed Malerman's efforts to make the reader experience what was befalling his characters without the benefit of their eyesight, but at the same time, felt the very conceit of the story took away a level of intensity I associate with great horror novels.

Some have complained about the lack of a concrete description of the creatures, but for mine, this would only have undermined the whole point of the tale. So full credit to Malerman for resisting the temptation to reveal all - since what the reader conjures in their minds is likely to be far worse than anything he could have described on the page.

So, let's hear it Goodreads. Surely it's time to do away with this exceptionally limited 5 scale rating system? Shout it out if you agree ...

3.5 Tear Sodden Blindfolds for Bird Box.